What are the essential accessories in English boxing?

Taking English boxing lessons in your city implies, like all sports, to mobilize a budget related to the training program – going regularly to the boxing gym – as well as the purchase of sports equipment.

It may seem expensive but it is not that expensive compared to the many benefits of English boxing for the organization.

How to choose your English boxing gloves?

Boxing gloves and mittens are among the basic equipment of every boxer and practitioner of all hand-to-hand percussion sports.

What is the interest of boxing gloves?

The primary purpose of these accessories to be put first in your boxing bag is mainly to protect your metacarpals.

Also, they soften and distribute the impact of the punch given to the opponent while limiting the risk of cuts.

English boxing being a relatively violent sport where blows are delivered to the face and chest, bare-handed fighting is prohibited and it is essential to use it as much in attack as in self defense.

Whether they are punching bag gloves or boxing gloves, they are the fetish working tools of any boxer, if you are limited in budget, opt for second-hand equipment, world champion, king of the boxing ring or beginner attending the boxing gym leisure.

Choosing your boxing gloves

A boxing glove consists of three parts: hand and fingers, thumb and wrist. The padding of the glove prevents sprains and strains when maintaining guard (defence) or when attacking.

It is important to note that the heavier you are, the heavier you should choose heavy gloves, whose mass is expressed in ounces (noted Oz).

The most reputable brands to buy these gloves are Venum (mid to high end), Everlast (mid to high end) and Metal Boxing (beginners).

The outer material of the gloves is made of plastic for beginner use, otherwise they are leather, synthetic leather or imitation leather gloves to limit perspiration and have good ventilation.

Note that in order to have the wrist and the hand well crimped in the glove, it is necessary to choose a size of glove according to its weight:

6 Oz: less than 50 kg,

8 Oz: from 51 to 63 kg,

10 Oz: from 64 to 74 kg,

12 Oz: from 75 to 90 kg,

14 Oz and 16Oz: over 90 kg.

One Oz (ounce in English) is equivalent to 28.3495 grams. It represents the weight of the glove and its level of protection.

The size of the gloves impacts the power of the blows because the hitting surface is increased or decreased: the bigger the glove, the less violent the blow and vice versa.


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